Once Upon A Time Releases Teaser Image With Marvel Comics


Once Upon A Time has launched a new teaser campaign, promoting a mysterious new project with Marvel Comics.

On the ABC series’ official Twitter account, the show posted a teaser image of a hook, with the Once and Marvel comics logo at the bottom. The official Tweet also mentioned that this will be the first of four teases.

The image is most likely a teaser for a new Once Upon A Time original graphic from Marvel Comics. Marvel has released OGNs for the series before, with Once Upon A Time: Shadow Of The Queen in 2013. That entry focused on the series’ villainous Queen from Snow White, and her relationship with the huntsman. And judging from the teaser's hook image, the new original graphic novel might focus on Captain Hook, another classic Disney villain who appears on the television series.

Once Upon A Time is an ABC series that brings Disney Animation characters into the “real world” in a small Maine town. Stuck in the far less enchanted realm, the characters live amongst flesh-and-blood mortals as they make their way through the strange new world. 

Once Upon A Time returns to ABC on Sunday, March 1st at 8:00 p.m. on ABC. And check back in throughout the week for more Once Upon a Time teasers as they are released.