Hot Topic Selling Harley Quinn Comforter

by Russ Burlingame


Ever feel like you just want to cuddle up with a deranged, possibly homicidal maniac and get warm?

With a new Harley Quinn comforter from Hot Topic, you can do just that.

The comforter, in stock as a full/queen-sized number, enters a surprisingly-crowded marketplace for adult-marketed comic book bedclothes. And that doesn't even take into consideration the never-ending supply of geeky Christmas sweaters.

The polyester comforter measures 81" x 86" and is part of a growing line of Harley Quinn-branded merchandise from the retailer. Don't expect that to be reduced anytime soon with Suicide Squad headed to theaters in under a year.

By Russ Burlingame

Russ Burlingame has been covering comics and pop culture since 1999. He has written for WIZARD: THE COMICS MAGAZINE, Comic Related, Newsarama, and more before settling in for the long haul at back in 2011.