Andrew Lincoln Says The Walking Dead Job Kills Him In A Beautiful Way


Being the star of AMC's The Walking Dead means Andrew Lincoln is pretty much the only cast member that can sleep well at night knowing Rick Grimes will survive each week no matter what. Though, I can't say the same for his hand. Having to say goodbye to so many of his cast mates has be tough on Lincoln, but he also sees it as a positive as it keeps the show fresh.

“When we lose a character, it’s always one of the more painful experiences,” Lincoln told Entertainment Weekly. “But generally they’re incredible acting pieces to get involved in. It’s a double-edged sword. It’s funny, I bumped into Sarah Wayne Callies [who played Lori] and she said, ‘How’s it going?’ I said, ‘It’s still the most beautiful job, but it’s kind of heartbreaking.’ As I go along, we keep losing incredible friends and characters. It sort of kills me doing this job — but in a beautiful way. It’s a great story. But every day is unique, and that’s one of the things that keeps me coming back for more and wanting to keep pushing this guy and pulling the rest of the cast along with me to create this broken fairy tale.”

We'll see if Lincoln is singing the same tune whenever we find out the fate of Glenn (Steven Yeun).

The "Heads Up" episode of The Walking Dead airs Sunday, November 22 at 9 PM ET on AMC.

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  1. Eventually the show just got boring and repetative for me. Just when you start to get into a character or the combination of them, bang... The writers ofrf them. It's just not an interesting show anymore.

    • libra113
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    For a show like this it makes sense that characters die off. It would be hard to buy that their world is really all that dangerous (no matter how much they talk about it being so) if people didn't die off to remind us.

    • AJSteele
    • 57 Posts in 29 Months

    Very true. Good response to those that can stand the realism of characters dying that they are "  just getting into". Death happens in the apocalypse.

  2. True indeed but even though characters have to die off in a series. You still have a certain connection with them as the show progresses. As of right now Carl and Rick are the only original characters left from the first season. When these fan favorite characters die off they must be replaced with another strong or outstanding individual to keep the show from falling off.

  3. I hope that won't happen anytime soon though......

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