Happy Birthday! Ben Kingsley Turns 72 Today

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Happy birthday, Ben Kingsley! The actor is celebrating his 72nd birthday today.

Kingsley cemented his place in geek culture when he played Trevor Slattery, the not-Mandarin (spoiler-alert!) in Iron Man 3. Anyone who has followed the actor knows that he is well-known and respected for several of his other 125+ roles. Some of his notable films include Shutter Island, Hugo, Schindler's List, and earlier this year he starred opposite Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) in the sci-fi thriller Self/less.

In 1983, Kingsley won an Academy Award for his portrayal of Mahatma Gandhi in the self-titled biopic.

Prior to his acting fame, Kingsley went by his real name, Krishna Pandit Bhanji, but ultimately changed it to help advance his acting career.

Happy birthday, Ben Kingsley!