Top Five Comic Book, Sci-Fi, Fantasy or Horror TV Shows Of 2015

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  1. The difficulty in determining a top 5 for tv programs any given year is that you have to think about the last half of one season and the first half of another season, when determining which shows are the best. For example, the last half of Flash S1 was stellar, very strong and fantastic. And while the first half of S2 has been even better than season 1, it hasn't been as strong necessarily as the first half of Arrow S4. That being said, here are my pics for 2015:

    1. Daredevil

    2. The Flash

    3. Arrow

    4. Agents of SHIELD

    5. Ash v Evil Dead

    With The Strain as an honorary mention.

    If we are talking about Fall 2015, it is as follows (first three are very tough, they are pretty much neck and neck):

    1. Agents of SHIELD

    2. Arrow

    3. The Flash

    4. Ash V Evil Dead

    5. Jessica Jones

  2. I'm sorry, but Gotham still sucks all the ass. Not as much as it used to, but it still has more problems weekly then any of the other awesome comic book shows out there

    • DSniner
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    Best TV shows of the year for me are.... 1.Daredevil 2.The Walking Dead 3.The Flash 4.Ash vs Evil Dead 5.Jessica Jones

  3. Arrow S3 may have been disappointing but it deserves a place here way over Gotham imo

    • wheelwork
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    #1- Daredevil #2- Jessica Jones #3- The Walking Dead #4-Flash #5- Agents of Shield

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