Supergirl: Easter Eggs and DC Comics References in "Blood Bonds"

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  1. Since General Lane used Kryptonite weapons on Astra, it could be the beginning of the Last Line. Plus it gives the show there one version of a Doomsday character the All American Boy.

  2. How did you not mention Midvale?

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    I thought that the Fort Roz (sp?) Kryptonians' outfits resembled very closely the security forces outfits from the New Krypton story line, where Kal becomes part of their military forces

  3. Maxwell wearing purple in end scene was perfect too since purple is a villain-esque color.

  4. In the Watchmen movie, he says "Comic Book Villain." Ozymandias says Republic Serial Villain in the graphic novel because in a world where super heroes really exist, comic books about superheroes (and hence, their dastardly, master plan generating villains) failed to generate reader interest and went out of business, to be replaced by pirate comics and other tales of high adventure.

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