There's A Cat That Looks Like Star Wars' Adam Driver


Chewbacca might not be the only furry cast member of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  A picture of a cat went viral today on the Internet after a Twitter user pointed out its similarity to The Force Awakens star Adam Driver.

The cat, whose name is Corey, is currently housed at the Monmouth County SPCA (located in New Jersey) and is available for adoption.  Per Monmouth County's website, Corey is a two and a half year old Oriental Shorthair with "soft fur".  Unlike Driver's character Kylo Ren, Corey loves all people, including children, and would be happiest as the only pet in the household.  More pictures of Corey can be found on the Monmouth County's SPCA website.

Adam Driver rose to fame as a cast member on HBO's Girls and recently gained acclaim for his role as the villainous Kylo Ren in The Force Awakens.  Driver recently reprised his role as Kylo Ren in a Saturday Night Live sketch last weekend and will appear in Star Wars: Episode VIII....unless Disney decides to replace him with this adorable cat.  

Corey can be adopted for an $80 adoption fee, with proceeds covering microtagging, neutering, and several vaccines.  Per the Monmouth County SPCA, Corey is still available for adoption, but given his new fame, he will hopefully have a new home soon. 

UPDATE: Corey was adopted today.  Hopefully his new parents won't suffer the same fate as Kylo Ren's dad. 

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    What the hell is the matter with people. Who cares about cats. Well besides lonely lesbians. But seriously....yeesh...

  1. Awww, yes!!! I had suspeced I was, in fact a lesbian. As is my fiance and son. Just a family of lesbians in this house. Except the cat, of course. She's oddly straight.

  2. Oh, let me just clarify here. Youre SO upset that there was an article that was CLEARLY cat-related, that you simply HAD to click on it and comment that you dislike it?  Are you 11?? Is your actual life so pathetic and meaningless that you have to go OUT OF YOUR WAY to post derogatory comments on articles that no one forced you to read? Get a life, dude. Or a terminal disease.

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