The Flash: Easter Eggs and DC Comics References In "Potential Energy"

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    • _L0Bo_
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    F;ash owns, love it, only thing that's bugging me is the actor that is flat as a pancake playing Wally West, I know he's the New52 Wally, but still, totally flat performance. I really hope we get the pre-Flashpoint Wally on film one day, would be so damn awesome to see!

    Cant wait to see more Zoom, Reverse Flash stuff coming up, heck yeah.

    • IGJ
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    How about Cisco's homage to The Wrath of Khan - "From Death's heart I stab at thee"

  1. Actually Khan himself was quoting Captain Ahab from Moby Dick

  2. When Iris talks about having a baby brother, Wally says "What about the White Shadow?", as a allusion to Barry. Is it a reference to something in the comics ?

    • Wiebs
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    The car Wally was driving during the drag race was a Plymouth Road Runner. Another WB speedster.

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