Arrow's Katie Cassidy On Laurel's Future & Sparring With Oliver

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Last night, had the chance to speak with the Black Canary herself, Arrow actress Katie Cassidy, ahead of her Heroes & Villains Fan Fest appearance in New Jersey this weekend.

As Cassidy put it, Arrow has "an amazing fanbase. The most loyal, good fanbase." A pretty big fanbase, too, I might add, which earned the show some solid ratings in its return. Nevertheless, we both agreed to respect the fan base and take a get a few of their questions answered before anything else.

"Absolutely. You will have a chance to see Laurel and Oliver training together, and I hope that there will be more," Cassidy says of Laurel and Oliver training together, "One of my favorite scenes, actually, I recently thought."

As for the second half of Brooke Daviz's question, Cassidy had another confirmation. "Yes to the other question," she says. "There's definitely more of both of them."

So, more of Laurel and Oliver sparring ahead and back to the court rooms, as well!

"Well, the thing that I thought was so great about this year, and continue to do so, is that we see Laurel a lot stronger, and along with fighting when she goes out there as the Black Canary, we see her more polished, we see her more ... professional," Cassidy says about Laurel's future. "She's in training, and fighting. I feel as if she's become a lot stronger emotionally as well. I think that continues to go that direction. I feel like she's the backbone for a lot of these characters, and she tries to see the best in people, and she is a strong woman, and I love that. I think that we continue to see more of that. I think you'll see someone come along who you don't necessarily expect Laurel to embrace, and she does. Having said that, that's all I can tell you."

Always keeping secrets, that Arrow cast and crew!

Stay tuned to for more of our interview with Katie Cassidy!




    • samq
    • 4 Posts in 12 Months

    Laurel may be her father's backbone but she's not anyone else's on team arrow, that is just reaching to the ends of the galaxy. Love KC. Sometimes think she's not watching the show beyond her lines in the script.

    • Ashcant
    • 3 Posts in 16 Months

    Super excited for more Laurel, and hopefully more Thea and Laurel scenes. They work so great together and that sisterly protectiveness that Laurel has over Thea is amazing to watch.

    • RJW
    • 391 Posts in 16 Months

    Maybe not their backbone, but certainly someone they can lean on like we've seen with Diggle and Thea.

  1. So glad we'll be seeing more of Laurel Lance! Thank you for this interview.

  2. Super excited to be getting scenes of Laurel in court!

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