No Current Plans For Live-Action Star Wars TV Series

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

While a Star Wars TV series may seem like a natural progression to the fans, especially with the previously-developed Star Wars Underworld looming in the background, it doesn't sound like anything is being actively developed at the moment.

"They are focused on their movies, so we don't have any plans at the moment," ABC president Paul Lee told TVLine in regards to Star Wars.

The focus, then for Star Wars on TV is currently Star Wars Rebels, a series in the middle of its second season and already renewed for a third. That series, taking place in-between the eras of the first two trilogies, has woven characters new and old, including this week's appearance by Princess Leia, onto the show. Being animated gives them the liberty of more easily revisiting characters from early moments in their lives.

Now, technically, Lee was only speaking for ABC. There are also recurring rumors that Netflix could work on a Star Wars live-action series with Disney, and surely their working relationship between Netflix and Marvel has been working nicely for all involved. The nature of Lucasfilm, as well, is one of no asset ever truly going away, so Underworld could show up - at least partially - in other projects. Some of the assets developed by the defunct LucasArts games branch were used on The Clone Wars, and planned to be used for Underworld, for example.

For now, there's a Star Wars movie coming each year, with a side story of sorts in even years and a new episodic film in odd years. Star Wars Rebels will continue on for the forseeable future, as well.