MacGyver Reboot Also Coming to Film at Lionsgate


We already knew that CBS was looking to reboot MacGyver, the show about an incredibly resourceful secret agent, played in the 80s by Richard Dean Anderson. Now, it seems Lionsgate is looking to make a film series from the property as well, Variety reports.

The film side of the project will be produced by Lee David Zlotoff, who created the original series, and Neal Moritz, producer of the Fast and Furious films. It was announced by Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer on an earnings call.

No other details were announced about the project, but it was made clear this is in addition to, not instead of, the TV reboot. Lionsgate will be looking for projects to try to replace the Hunger Games franchise, which had its final film debut last year, and accounted for nearly $3 billion across the four movies for Lionsgate.