New Mutants Sneak Into Lila Cheney & Dazzler's Fan Made Music Video

Fox may have a New Mutants movie in the works, but the teen mutant team isn’t keen on waiting their turn. They can be seen sneaking into a performance by the biggest underground rock act in the galaxy in a new, fan made music video.

Fans of Marvel Comics in the 1980s will remember Lila Cheney as a rock star/mutant teleporter that was all the rage in the Marvel Universe of the era. Mutant former disco queen Dazzler joined up Lila’s outfit, and Lila became a favorite of the students at the Xavier School for Gifted Mutants.

Greasy Pig Studios has created a music video for a Lila Cheney’s single “I Will Steal Your Heart.” Check out the video to see the New Mutants sneak out to the show.

The “I Will Steal Your Heart” music video is a sequel to the Dazzler music video Greasy Pig Studio created in 2014.