The Deadpool Poutine Chimichanga Is A Real Thing


Yes, it's true: A restaurant in Philadelphia has created the mother of all chimichangas -- and it's all because of Deadpool.

The Merc With a Mouth is notoriously fond of the dish in the comics, and it even got a mention onscreen in this weekend's massive blockbuster based on the property.

Did someone say chimichanga? tomorrow is the unveiling of our Deadpool Poutine Chimichanga... Braised short rib, French fries, Fried cheese curd Black beans, Bacon, Pickled red onion & jalapeño. served with a side of short rib au jus, topped with sour cream onion, scallion, cilantro

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So when Philadelphia’s Cantina Dos Segundos named a chimichanga after him, it wasn't a surprise. According to Uproxx, though, the Deadpool Poutine Chimichanga is pretty amazing.

As you can see from the description above, that's a rich, dense, and full of so much amazing stuff, I kind of want to drive the 6 hours to Philly for it.