How Closely Did The Walking Dead Midseason Premiere Mirror The Comics?

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Spoilers for The Walking Dead midseason premiere (6x09) and The Walking Dead comics follow.

The Walking Dead's midseason 6 premiere was no joke. It was certainly a crowd-pleaser for comic book fans. It closely mirrored the events of the No Way Out storyline originally showcased by the comics in issue #84.

Not only did Rick sever Jessie's hand to free his son but Carl got shot in the eye like many of us have been curiously waiting to see. More importantly, though, the survivors took steps towards becoming something more than just day to day survivors. Rick sees that the larger world is right in front of them if the community can rally together to help build it.

In the video below, take a look and listen at exactly how closely Rick's speech (and a couple of other moments) reflected the events of The Walking Dead's midseason six premiere.

The speech Rick gave to an unconscious Carl to cap the episode was, at times, a word for word adaptation of a similar moment in the comics. "I want to show you this new world. I want to make it a reality for you," Rick Grimes said in both the comics and television series. "Please, Carl."

One has to worry, though, about the fate of a certain fan-favorite character who is one of the last remaining six from season one. Considering how closely the show has been mirroring the comics, Negan's arrival can spell trouble for a certain pizza boy.

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