Fan Fridays: Is A DC Cinematic Universe/CW Crossover Inevitable?

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The CW’s Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow have been tearing up the ratings charts, creating a solid universe in which the heroes of the DC Universe can thrive. On top of this, the CW isn’t the only network to have DC super heroes populating the airwaves, with Fox’s Gotham and CBS’s Supergirl also bringing the comic company’s creations to the general public. Shortly though, Warner Brothers will once again bring their icons to the silver screen with this year’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad. While there are no set plans in place, fan Martin Greene believes that it’s only a matter of time before the DC Cinematic Universe begins seeping into the CW universe, and perhaps vice versa!

This entire theory is based around the current season of the Flash, in which Barry Allen and company have discovered an earth parallel to their own appropriately dubbed Earth 2. The DC universe is no stranger to the multiverse, having numerous alternate realities in play at any given time. Batman has been a vampire, Superman has been a champion for the Soviet Union, and Wonder Woman a citizen of Apokolips to name but a few. In the CW however, Earth 2 is primarily filled with doppelgangers who are polar opposites of heroes and villains. The main idea that most fans are excited for from this is the announcement that the Flash will be crossing over with Supergirl in the near future. While it hasn’t been confirmed yet whether Supergirl is in fact on a parallel world, considering a recent episode of the Flash showed her in a window to alternate earths, it’s pretty much a given.

With this crossover in the works, and the multiverse being explored, it’s definitely a possibility that at some point the DC Cinematic Universe will be brought into the fold of the CW in some form or another. Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman have yet to appear in the CW, though Supes has appear in Supergirl, and I think that Warners is biding their time until the movies are in full swing to do so. The closest we’ve gotten to the holy trinity in the CW was a recent blurb from time traveler Rip Hunter in Legends of Tomorrow as he referenced “Dark knights” and “Men of Steel”.

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Filmmaker Kevin Smith recently hosted a special for the CW which explored the DC Cinematic Universe and went on record saying that a scene in which Smith asks DC big-wig Geoff Johns if the movies and television properties could crossover as alternate realities to one another. Johns, in a mysterious fashion, didn’t give him a response, leaving it up to our imagination. For a cinematic universe, most companies think all about synergy and how they can get their properties to line up with one another. Events and characters are sometimes changed in the comic books to reflect what’s happening in the movies for example. To help branch this idea, having the DC Cinematic Universe impact the CW-verse in a similar fashion to Marvel’s Netflix outings and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. would certainly seem like the beneficial strategy to take moving forward.

As it stands, it’s a lot of hearsay and wish fulfillment in wondering if DC and Warner Brothers will start sharing universes among themselves, but since it’s all under one wheelhouse, it’s certainly easier for them to think about going through with, especially following the Flash/Supergirl crossover.

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