The Walking Dead: Time Jump To Happen With The Next World Episode


Episode 609 of The Walking Dead, No Way Out, certainly had its share of heavy-hitting moments, and while we will deal with the direct repercussions of those events, we won't see Rick and crew right after those fateful moments.

According to Scott Gimple, showrunner of The Walking Dead, episode 610 will jump forward in time a bit. (via THR)

Episode 10 happens some time after episode nine — there's not a giant time jump — not like the huge one in the book. But weeks have passed and we'll see some changes in Alexandria. Jessie's death was horrific and it was the worst possible outcome in that case but we aren't going to be portraying Rick's grieving process or the cleanup of Alexandria — that would be two episodes (laughs).

Speaking of Rick, Gimple goes into a bit more detail on how much we've seen him change this season, nonetheless just over the course of the last episode, when it comes to how he leads the group.

The beginning of the season saw Rick very skeptical about the Alexandrians. They were in a situation so dire he thought they might not make it since there wasn't time for them to catch up. At the end of [this episode], those people come together with Rick and his people and turn the tide and win back Alexandria. All of them, together, so Jessie's death wouldn't be in vain. That has an incredible impact upon him. That's the basis of him moving forward. How do all these people survive? How does this place survive? Not how do I survive and how does my family survive? It's a more global view and more positive view.

Episode 610, The Next World, will focus on this new supercharged Rick as him and Daryl go on a scavenging trip that doesn't go quite as planned.