Deadpool To Win Third Straight Weekend, Crushing Gods Of Egypt At Box Office

Deadpool - Touch Yourself

Fox's foul-mouthed juggernaut keeps on trucking towards another $30 million dollar weekend and manages to piss off some Egyptian God's in the process.

Deadpool accumulated another $9 million on Friday, severely beating out Alex Proyas' new release God's of Egypt (4.8 million), as well as the debuting Triple 9 (2.1 million) and Eddie the Eagle (1.9 million).

While this is great for Fox, it foreshadows a long hard path to profitability for the CG-heavy God's of Egypt. The film cost $140 million to make, and at this pace it only looks to make about $14 million for the weekend (domestically). It will have to make up a ton of ground overseas to help pad that number.

via The Wrap