Rule The Marvel Universe With This Infinity Gauntlet Mug


Coffee is the go-to prescription for a sleepy morning, but imagine if you could drink that coffee with wearing the Infinity Gauntlet. You would be caffeinated, whilst also feeling incredibly powerful and worthy to be respected!

(Photo: Entertainment Earth)

Entertainment Earth is now carrying their exclusive Infinity Gauntlet mug for just that reason, but please don't do go around the office asking people to kneel before you. Most likely that will not get you respect, but instead fired. As long as you can contain your burgeoning ego, the mug itself is quite snazzy, featuring all 5 gems, and allowing your hand to slip behind the glove and around the handle, so it appears as if you are actually wearing it.

It's a great design, and hopefully, they will continue to use it for other characters. Iron Man's gauntlet's come to mind, or possibly Green Lantern's glove with a power ring. The Infinity Gauntlet mug will set you back $15.99, and will ship sometime in March. You can pre-order it here.