Disney Chairman Says Marvel Has No Plans For R-Rated Movies


Earlier this year, Deadpool grabbed lots of money and, in turn, lots of attention. It broke records for R-rated movies and shattered expectations for a standalone super hero debut.

Following the epic box office haul by the merc with a mouth, Fox revealed it is targeting an R-rating for Hugh Jackman's final go as Wolverine and Warner Bros. announced that an R-rated cut of Batman v. Superman would be available when the film arrives on DVD and blu-ray. From many, the popularity of R-ratings in super hero films earned the title of "The Deadpool Effect."

That Deadpool Effect won't be effecting Marvel Studios any time soon.

On an investor call, Disney Chairman Bob Iger made it clear that Marvel has no plans of targeting an R-rating for any of its upcoming super hero films, saying quite simply, "We don't have any plans to make R-rated Marvel movies."

Marvel Studios films have always been considerably more lighthearted than most other comic book properties. Captain America: Civil War will likely push that envelope a bit as we see the heroes battle each other in what promises to be an emotionally, physically, and mentally draining series of events.

Those of us looking for darker, grittier, more sexual and violent Marvel Studios properties had best turn to Netflix where Jessica Jones and Daredevil have already earned considerable acclaim. Keeping those character separate is no mistake. It allows them to stay true to their nature while not derailing the Marvel Cinematic Universe's style on the big screen.

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters May 6.

(source: IndieWire)

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    • wheelwork
    • 2254 Posts in 26 Months

    That'll change. Depending on the character, they'll cave.

    • psalm51
    • 203 Posts in 20 Months

    good. anyone who thinks making a movie R-Rated makes it better is a child living in a lie. If you can tell a good story and have a decent vocabulary, you don't need sex naked women, juvenile 4th grade humor and ignorant language.. Unless it's just for violence, there's really no valid reason to justify the necessity for an R-rated film. Unless you have no talent so you rely on nonsense.

    • G-Rage
    • 71 Posts in 11 Months

    Good! So they shouldn't! Not like they've not had the world of success so far avoiding R-ratings! Marvel are the best at what they do and they know what theyre doing :)

  1. It's fine, we have Netflix for R-rated characters. Marvel knows their stuff.

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