How Many Actual People Are Still Alive In The Walking Dead Universe?


If the Walking Dead wasn't depressing enough, SourceFedNerd has dropped some news that might just make it that much worse.

According to Matt Lieberman, the number of people actually still alive in the Walking Dead universe is extraordinarily slim, based on a combination of research from the comics and both The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead TV shows. Based on those statistics and bit of math, we come to see the startling numbers below.

At the end of 2011, the population reference bureau had the population at 6,986,951,000. Based on issue #10 of The Walking Dead, Kirkman said that zombies outnumber humans 5000 to 1. Liberman extracted that to be 1,397,390, the number of people actually alive once the zombie outbreak goes global. Using the number of people that have died on the show as a sample size, he arrives at 382,885. That is the amount of people still alive in The Walking Dead universe across the planet. THE PLANET!

I knew things were bad, but man, not that bad.

I encourage you to watch the whole video to see how he arrived at these facts. It's definitely worth it.