Jena Malone's Identity In Batman V Superman Revealed?

Malone BvS

Warning: Potential spoilers ahead for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

It appears as though Jena Malone's role in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice may have been revealed.

According to an Imgur post, a Redditor was filling out an entertainment survey provided by Warner Bros. Pictures, when one question asked participants to name a character they hoped to see more of in future trailers for the film.

Among those named was Jena Malone as Barbara Gordon.


While director Zack Snyder had previously said -- in response to fan speculation that she would play either Carrie Kelley or Barbara Gordon -- that Malone wasn't Robin or Batgirl, he didn't preclude the possibility that she was Oracle, the role Barbara took on after she was paralyzed in an attack by The Joker in Batman: The Killing Joke. Such a role could easily tie into this summer's Suicide Squad, based on the comic in which Oracle first appeared.

And while it's easy enough to assume they might have been basing it on online rumors and speculation, the fact that this appears to be from an official Warner Bros. outlet makes it intriguing.

Recently, it was revealed that Malone's role in Batman V Superman was cut entirely from the theatrical cut and that she will appear only in the R-rated Ultimate Cut coming to home video in the summer.

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    • Sand
    • 10 Posts in 28 Months

    It makes me wonder if the R cut will include a flashback sequence that goes through a summary of killing joke. The shooting of Barbara and torture of Jim could easily earn an R rating. Guess we'll have to wait and see...

    • Kevin
    • 536 Posts in 30 Months

    I can't help but wonder if her footage was cut... but her lines weren't. I could see Bruce talking with oracle and we never see her... she is just a voice.

    • cimmerian
    • 820 Posts in 31 Months

    So, she was never in a trailer to begin with so I don't see the point of a survey asking to have her in more. And there's so pretty big omissions from that list such as, you know, Batman and Wonder Woman. She may well be Barbara, but this seems bogus. Has any of this "redditor posted blah blah" stuff ever panned out?

  1. Coudn't it be possible that she's not even Oracle? Maybe she's JUST Barbara Gordon.

    • DarkWater
    • 1084 Posts in 22 Months

    I'm happy we will be getting Oracle, but the one character I want to see more of is Martian Manhunter.

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