The Walking Dead: Who Will Negan Kill?

Negan Kill

We're all waiting on it... The arrival of Negan on The Walking Dead is imminent. We'll all meet him and his precious Lucille some time before season six comes to a close. With that fact, we're all wondering, "Who will he kill?"

First of all, by the end of his run on the series, his kill count will be much greater than one. That said, let's recap his introduction for those who don't know how it went, which is probably no one at this point, but we'll do it anyway.

When Negan arrived in The Walking Dead comic's issue #100, it was the most random and ruthless killing the series had ever seen. He and his band of "Saviors" lined up Rick, Michonne, Heath, Carl, Sophia, Maggie, and Glenn in the middle of the night. A degrading rant about Rick's disrespect and bad choices in crossing Negan followed and culminated with a deadly game of eeniee-meenie-minie-moe which ended with Glenn on the receiving end of Negan's barbed wire wrapped bat's home run swing. By the way, the bat is called Lucille, and she's a vampire bat according to Negan.

It was one of the most twisted, mentally scarring set of pages in The Walking Dead's history. So, when it is adapted to television, who will be on the receiving end of Negan's wrath?

There are a few candidates who are more likely than others. Many suspect the show will follow the comics, having Glenn bow out in the season finale without a skull, dying in front of his pregnant wife and fellow survivors. However, showrunner Scott Gimple has said that the season will take some "hard left turns" in comparison to the comics towards the end of this season, so for argument's sake, let's assume it isn't Glenn who gets killed.

Next in line would have to be Maggie. Sure, Maggie emerges as a leader at the Hilltop in the comics, but guess what, Andrea should be Rick's wife if we're going by the pages. Maggie had a strong moment of leadership while negotiating with Gregory, so it's entirely possible that her leadership reached its peak in those moments as her life would be cut short upon Negan's arrival. How awful would that be for the characters and viewers, alike? Glenn and his friends are forced to watch his pregnant wife take a baseball bat to the head. It would be a nauseating scene.

If not Maggie, though, Carol is viable option. The character has a visible soft spot for the pregnant Maggie and a hope to see her go on and become a symbol of the world's rebuilding. Her recent struggles and efforts to adjust to a new world, one where she doesn't have to kill, may result in Carol sacrificing herself in an effort to save Maggie. Imagine that, Negan selects Maggie, or even Glenn, and Carol offers herself up as a sacrifice to spare the couple the anguish she has already experienced herself. Witnessing Carol getting her head bashed is also a repulsive thought.

Ruling Carl and Rick out of danger is not unreasonable. The two simply have to live on and drive the show. I would be both shocked and proud of the series if it were to kill one of the two characters off but I have my reservations about how possible that really is. It also isn't necessarily something which would further any character's storylines, so like rooting for Daryl to get the bat, it's not very mature to hope Negan kills Rick or Carl.

Here's why Daryl won't die: his story isn't done. The characters would grieve over his loss but with Carol's new relationship with Tobin, no one would be particularly devastated. His character is one which never existed in the comics, so he's a wild card, but his role in the upcoming war with the Saviors is one which will be crucial.

In any case, it's going to be intense. Ross Marquand, Andrew Lincoln, and Lauren Cohan have all praised the brutality of the finale's script. Specifically though, Morgan actor Lennie James says, "Firstly, it is a phenomenal piece of writing, but secondly, one of the greatest introductions of a character that I can remember in any television series, let alone in our television series."

Long story short, the best bets to die upon Negan's introduction are Glenn, Maggie, or Carol. There's always the chance that the writers completely shock us with a curveball out of no where or even kill two people instead of one. We'll have to wait and see.

Are you ready for Negan?

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  1. I don't really get why you say Daryl's story isn't done? But then mention no one would be devastated by his loss? Well, isn't he arguably the closest person to Rick? The one person Rick thinks of as a brother? I didn't read the comics, but I got the implication that Negan kind of knew who he was killing there, he specifically excluded Rick but he aimed for Rick's right hand man. In the comics that is Glenn, but Daryl is that in the show. And, also, if that car was purposely there in the beginning, they know he pulled the RPG, and while no other Hilltop community member was in the room besides Jesus, we don't know if there weren't people listening, but Daryl was the one who suggested last week's plan. Negan could say he's doing Rick a favor in his twisted way.

    • sm2008
    • 4 Posts in 23 Months

    Why assume just one character dies? Biggest possible twist from the comic would be if he killed multiple people in that scene just for the fun of it. He kills Maggie and Glen and wipes out an entire family at once.

    • Mobe1969
    • 15 Posts in 23 Months

    Got to remember, in the comics, Andrea is still alive. Things don't have to go the same way at all.

    • CB132590
    • 1 Posts in 10 Months

    No one kills Negan. He survives. Killing Negan would be way too damn predictable. They will stick with the comics and Rick will imprison him and the show will go through a 2 year timeskip after all out war. Then he will either help or not help against Alpha in the coming battle with the Whisperers. Infact. In the most recent issue Negan just broke out of his Jail Cell thanks to Brandon. 

  2. no one would be devastated by Daryl's death? how about EVERYONE would be devastated by Daryl's death. He is Rick's right hand man. They are brothers. Daryl and Carol's relationship was never romantic, so the fact that she may or may not have found a new love interest has no bearing on how devastated she would be if Daryl died. Rick, Carl, Michonne, Maggie, Glenn, Carol, Tara, Sasha, Abraham, Eugene and Daryl are a FAMILY. The death of a family member would devastate all of them.

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