Star Wars's John Boyega Picks Captain America In Civil War


Everybody is weighing in on the Captain America: Civil War trailer, as people around the world start to choose sides, declaring for #TeamCap or #TeamIronMan.

Well, John Boyega, ever the finger on the pulse of geek culture, weighed in on twitter Friday, emphatically declaring, "I'm with Captain America. FULLY."

Boyega teased fans that went for #TeamIronMan, saying, "You can keep your government registration" and "Enjoy that super hero police badge." He pointed out that the moments cited in the trailer weren't heroes' faults. "All those cities destroyed by villains, not heroes," he tweeted.

"If I'm in a burning building I hope Iron Man doesn't have to wait for his badge to come through the post before he saves me. #teamcap" he said, pointing out the biggest flaw for superhero registration.

Of course, ultimately, he showed some Star Wars pride, sayin, "Anyway, above all #teampoe."

Yeah, that won't get those tumblr shippers going at all.

Boyega is currently filming Star Wars: Episode VIII for a December 15, 2017 release.

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    Nothing wrong with Disney, if it wasn't for them we'd have no more Star Wars, FOX was the PU$$IES. Also at least now Marvel is actually doing live-action TV, Blade and Mutant X in say 20 years or so was a joke.

  1. Anonymous10391 said ... (original post)


    C'mon mods. Do your job. Obvious troll is obvious. 

  2. Sweet, now Marvel ought to cast him as Cloak.

  3. I pick Team CAPTAIN AMERICA! NO REGISTRATION FOR HEROES!!!!!!!!!! Oh, Yeah... Wolverine and The XMen pledge NEUTRALITY unless PROVOKED!

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