'Fantastic Four': First Look at Alex Ross, Artgerm Variants


'Fantastic Four': First Look at Alex Ross, Artgerm Variants

Guns Will Start To Diminish On The Walking Dead

TWD Rosita Gun

Of all the resources being conserved in Alexandria, guns and bullets haven't been at the top of the list.

However, down the line, Rick's group of survivors are going to learn to relish their ammunition as they realize bullets are not exactly growing on trees.

"As the story continues, we’re going to see a lot more transfer to more melee weapons," John Sanders, prop master and weapons expert on The Walking Dead's set, explains. "Bullets are a finite instrument and we need to make sure that each character can only use use so many and that they’re thinking about it."

While it may be something that's been in the back of our characters' minds, it will soon be rushing to the front.

"Bullets [will] start to become really valuable," he said. "And you certainly wouldn’t just spray bullets at something if you’re not hitting something. So, I expect we’ll probably move more and more away from the machine guns."

With a war coming up, conserving shots is going to be necessary. We saw how well armed Negan's Saviors are when Glenn and Heath found the armory in Not Tomorrow Yet.

"You’ve got to start to regulate how many and when you use [guns]," Sanders says. "You see the characters talk about needing to preserve ammo a number of times. So we start looking at the new weapons, which — you know we’ve seen the katana before, the stick from Morgan’s character and we constantly get into the knife thing."

The survivors on The Walking Dead never seem to run out of innovative ways to put down enemies or walkers. Don't forget. Daryl Dixon once used a car's trunk to smash a walker's head and Rick Grimes has bitten a man's throat out in a manner of self-preservation.

In the comics, Eugene manages to figure out the trick to manufacturing bullets. It's a skill that certainly ends up coming in handy.