Henry Cavill Excited to Interact With Aquaman in Justice League


Henry Cavill is clearly excited about seeing other superheroes come to life on the big screen alongside his Superman. After being stunned by Wonder Woman and geeking out over Batman, the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice actor, and first hero in the new DC Comics movie universe, is already looking to the future.

"I'm looking forward to expanding on the DC Cinematic Universe, and finally getting a chance to open up that world. There's a thousand and one rich stories in there," Cavill said at the premiere of the film in New York Sunday night to a crowd of reporters. He also singled out one character:

"I'm looking very, very forward to interacting with Aquaman, especially!" Cavill said with a smile.

While Aquaman has a cameo in Dawn of Justice, he won't get his full debut until November 2017's Justice League Part 1. After the BvS press tour, Justice League starts shooting almost immediately in April, once Wonder Woman wraps.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters March 25 2016, officially launching the DC movie universe.