The Walking Dead Recap With Spoilers: Twice As Far

TWD 614

A garage opens and Olivia uses the sunlight to put away some food supply. Various Alexandria residents do their duties around the Safe-Zone. Carol smokes a cigarette and admires her rosary.

Morgan finishes up construction on his prison. Rick walks up to the door. He asks, "Why?" Morgan tells him it will give him choices next time. The garage opens again and Olivia puts food away. Various Alexandria residents fulfill their duties, again. Tobin kisses Carol before heading off. Rosita gets dressed and leaves Spencer's room.

Daryl opens a bg and finds a wooden soldier. Carol approaches and comments on him getting his bike back. They sit on a stoop and smoke a cigarette. Carol asks if it was the people he met in the burnt forest who took the bike. It was. She questions if he saved them. He did, but he thinks he should have killed them. Carol starts to leave but Daryl keeps her by asking what happened to Carol and Maggie while being kept hostage but Carol claims they didn't do anything.

Another day and nothing is really happening in Alexandria.

A walker stands, impaled through its face, outside of Alexandria. Abraham and Eugene walk by as Denise looks on from the wall.

Rosita and Spencer walk through the community nd Spencer offers to make her some steak. She's distant. He questions what they're doing and she says, "Okay, we'll do dinner." She's put off by the question. Spencer walks away and Denise approaches from the house. She tells her she didn't hear anything. She wants to do something other than train with weapons today. Not far, she shows Rosita and Daryl a map to an apothecary which should be loaded with supplies. She wants to go with them.

The three of them head out of Alexandria in a pickup truck. Denise criticizes Daryl's ability to drive a stick and Daryl takes her advice, which doesn't work for him, and he stares her down as a result. They come upon some downed trees. Rosita and Daryl investigate while Denise sits in the truck. Rosita puts down a walker pinned under the tree and the two continue. They invite Denise with them now that it's clear. Rosita found booze, which she is excited about, and no one else is. Denise and Rosita wants to follow the train tracks but Daryl insists on staying on the road. Denise goes with Daryl while Rosita takes the tracks alone.

Abraham and Eugene walk through a rainy back alley. Abraham compliments Eugene's new hairstyle, calling it the "Tennessee Waterfall." Eugene tells Abraham that he is adapting to their world.

Daryl and Denise find Rosita sitting on the train tracks. Rosita corrects Denise's method of holding the machete and the three continue to the apothecary. Daryl knocks on the door to bring out any walkers inside but none come to the door. He yanks the door open.

Eugene and Abraham investigate another building at the same time. Abraham wants to know what they're doing here and Eugene tells him they're going to start manufacturing bullets here. He is confident in his ability to make bullets which would also serve as currency if need be. A walker approaches and Eugene calls dibs on killing it. He tries to swing his machete at it but its head is covered in metal. Abraham puts it down as grasp of the situation slips from Eugene and Eugene is mad about it. Eugene tells Abraham, "You've outlived your usefulness to me," and Abraham leaves him behind, heading home, telling Eugene to find his own way back.

Daryl and Rosita enter the apothecary with their guns drawn. Denise follows them in last and she is sickened by the smell inside. They look around, and while Denise admires pictures of kids, Rosita finds the pharmacy. Daryl struggles but eventually get the metal door open. He and Rosita enter to gather all of the medication and Denise hears a walker from the store. They rule it is only one and Denise investigates with her machete drawn. She finds an empty cradle and children's books on the floor before finding a walker on the ground with its foot in a cast and then a kid's shoe in a bloody sink. She stumbles out of the room and shatters some glass, alarming Rosita and Daryl, ultimately going to wait outside. They find her outside just as she starts to cry. Daryl tells her she did good finding this place. Rosita says, "I tried to tell you you weren't ready. We both did."

Daryl walks with Denise and asks about her late brother. Denise is happy to talk about him and Daryl compares the description to his own brothers. They come to the train tracks and Daryl is willing to go Rosita's way. While they're walking, Denise stops to look inside of a car. A walker startles her when it pops up to the window. Daryl and Rosita dismiss the cooler but Denise elects to go in for it. The walker lands on top of her but she gains control of the situation by getting on top of it and putting it down. Rosita and Daryl look on. Denise gathers herself, only to vomit. She adorably admits that she threw up on her glasses. In the cooler, she finds sodas. Daryl questions her and Denise says anyone can die at any time. Rosita calls Rosita stupid. Denise tells Daryl she asked Daryl to come because he makes her feel safe and she invited Rosita because she's alone but strong and can be stronger. An arrow slices through Denises head, right through her right eye as she is talking, and several Saviors surround them with Eugene as a hostage.

Dwight recognizes Daryl. Daryl is livid. Dwight's face is burnt up. He directs a couple of men to take their weapons. Dwight talks about Daryl's bow and Daryl says, "I should've killed ya." Dwight agrees but he says Denise wasn't the one he was aiming for. Abraham is looking on from a hidden vantage point. He introduces himself to Rosita and asks her name. She tells him. He tells her that they're going to take them to Alexandria and let them take whatever they want. Eugene tells Dwight to kill the friend of theirs hiding behind the barrels. Eugene bites Dwight's privates and Abraham rushes in with a machine gun. Daryl slits a man's throat. Rosita saves Abraham's life. The gunfire draws walkers in. Eugene finally loses his bite on Eugene's privates. Dwight orders his men to fall back. They run. Daryl picks up his cross bow and wants to chase them but Rosita stops him. He finds Denise's dead body and they rush to Eugene's aid. He's been wounded. They all help him up and rush down the train tracks past a dead Denise.

Eugene lays in the infirmary. Rosita and Abraham wait with him. Abraham comes in to tell them that Rick is coming. Eugene wakes up and lets them know he is okay. He tells Abraham he wasn't trying to get Abraham killed but create a moment to escape. Abraham apologizes for doubting Eugene's skills and compliments his dick biting abilities.

Abraham waits outside Sasha's house. She asks if he is okay and he tells her just like he has choices, she does, too. He tells her that even thirty years here would be too short. She invites him inside.

Daryl buries Denise with a Dennis keychain which she found at the apothecary. Carol is helping, visibly upset. Daryl drinks a shot of whiskey and continues with Carol watching. Carol tells Daryl he was right about how he should've killed Dwight.

Tobin reads a note from Carol. She's breaking up with him. She explains that people are going to be trying to take what they have. Various Alexandrians fulfill their duties. The note says, "I love y'all. I would have to kill for you but I can't and I won't." She claims she can't love anyone because she can't kill for anyone. She says she is going like she always should have and asks him not to come after her. Morgan notices her empty porch swing as a couple of Alexandrians pull carts of guns.