Watch The Most Talked About Fight Scene From Daredevil Season 2

Last year, it was the hallway fight. This year, it's the stairwell fight.

Daredevil's production team and stunt men are making sure that Netflix subscribers are really getting their money's worth. The new season found a way to top its best fight scene from 2015 with a chaotic, beautifully choreographed chain of madness that saw Daredevil save an old man before taking on a massive pack of bikers by the name Dogs of Hell.

Major props to the stunt team, set dressers, prop managers, directors, and cinematographers for working as a well oiled machine to pull of the impressive sequence. Viewers should understand the amount of seamless teamwork behind the camera which is necessary to make what's in front of come out so masterfully.

Daredevil's second season is available now on Netflix.