Batman Gets A New Costume In Batman #50

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  1. The yellow around the bat is so gross. Please go back to the original New 52 suit.

    • Mattjr35
    • 3 Posts in 24 Months

    probably won't be around long.......they are rebooting the titles AGAIN.......smh

  2. i like the yellow, the lack of sleeves with tall gloves is what looks dumb. he took kgbeasts legs and put them on his arms. 

    • CB133164
    • 14 Posts in 10 Months

    Looks awful

  3. *shmeh* I've never understood why DC is so constipated on relating the color yellow to the Batman. Worse than that though is the simple fact that the visage of the bat was adopted by Bruce Wayne to scare the criminals and enemies he would accrue, yet DC just keeps making the whole bat motif cleaner and more handsome. I'm not saying he should come off like Man-Bat or otherwise literally monstrous, but there's nothing imposing about the Batman anymore and there really hasn't been for a long time now. This new iteration is no different.

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