Batman V Superman: Five Best Moments

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    • cimmerian
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    Glad to see you guys showing some love. I'd add the moment when Batman decides not to finish Supes and declares "Martna doesn't die tonight".

  1. "Grandma's peach tea" though.

    • Kevin
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    This is a movie to be discussed. Seriously. There is just so much depth and hidden things that people miss. I have only talked to one other person who realized Lex Luthor spent 2 years ruining a man's life purely so he could turn him into a living bomb... it is so easy to miss because Lex doesn't gloat about it but when you notice it... wow.

  2. The only thing that bothered me was the grammar in the post

    • cor2879
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    One of my personal favorite moments was during the Batman vs Superman fight when Batman is beating on Superman then the Kryptonite starts to wear off and for a second Bats gets the "I am in so much trouble" look on his face.

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