Robbie & Stephen Amell Release Code 8 Short Film, Launch IndieGoGo Campaign

(Photo: Code 8)

Robbie & Stephen Amell, of Arrow and Flash fame, have filmed their own superpowers based project titled Code 8.

The movie puts us in a what could be called near future that has 4% of the population endowed with powers of some sort. Due to this and the skewed poverty line, the police have militarized, equipping robots and drones to help them keep the peace. The short film is fantastic and definitely worth a look.

They've also launched an IndieGoGo campaign to bring this short film to the big screen. If things continue the way they're going, that shouldn't be an issue, as they have already raised $134,357 of their $200,000 goal. Make sure to head to their page here to check out some of the perks, like signed scripts, signed issues of Firestorm, and even the opportunity to be an extra on the film.

While Stephen couldn't be in the short film, he did confirm in the video he will be a part of the feature film.