Batman V. Superman: Five Best Batman Moments

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  1. As a comic book artist and fan, I really enjoyed this film. I disagree with the car chase being Batman's best scene. His best was far and away was his fight against the thugs in the abandoned building.

    • _L0Bo_
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    Cool, good choices, there wasa lot of good scenes in BVS.

    Now hows about 5 worst moments, as much as I loved seven eighths of this movie, I hated the rushed Death of Superman attempt. Which is a bummer, I was really into it until Dooms(ZOD)day turned up.

    Death of Superman should have been an epic scale like Lord of the Rings movies were, not 15 minutes towards the end of BVS...

    Gotta say we saw most of what was going to happen in the second trailer of the film. Affleck was great as Batman and best Bat suit ever and the armor one was very cool too, as was the Batmobile!

  2. Agree 100%, he had a revelation & was fighting with his heart.

    • Spedog
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    I didn't "like that it showed a clear winner" because it automatically gives the Batfan Bullies their moment, and disenfranchises Superman fans right away. It should have been split and not show "the world's greatest hero" begging for mercy. Screw you, Zack.

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