Exclusive Batman V Superman Variant Cover Comics Available Through Dollar General's Literacy Fund

Doritos Comics

Exclusive variant covers for Superman (2011) #1, Superman Adventures #1 and Batman/Superman #1 are available to customers who purchase Batman V Superman-branded Doritos products at Dollar General between now and the end of April.

And while Doritos has an exclusive digital-only Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice tie-in comic you can get if your local Wal-Mart carries the right jumbo pack of single-serve Frito-Lay bags, in this case the comic will be an actual, printed copy shipped to your house.

Strangely, this marketing strategy didn't come to this writer via a press release or social media campaign; it simply popped up on my receipt after purchasing a 10 oz. bag of Doritos at a store after a jog in my neighborhood today.

"Your Doritos purchase earned you a FREE comic book!" The receipt read, along with a laser-printed Batman V Superman logo. When I entered the code on my receipt at doritos.com/dollargeneral, the three options (with newly-redesigned covers) popped up as seen above.

When redeemed, a notification popped up that my comic would be mailed to me for free, that it would arrive in 5-10 business days, and that a dollar would be donated to the Dollar General Literacy Foundation in my name.

...Not a bad deal, ultimately, for a $3 bag of Doritos. Also, I get to eat my chips.

The giveaway apparently started on February 21 and runs through April 28 while supplies last.

BvS Giveaway Rules

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Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is now playing in theaters.