David Duchovny Teases More X-Files Soon-ish

The X-Files - Dana Scully and Fox Mulder

In a recent tweet, David Duchovny might have been wishing his X-Files’ co-star Gillian Anderson a very happy birthday, but it was fans who got a surprise present. The actor gifted fans with a not-so-subtle tease, saying that there will be more X-Files to come. Or, well, that's at least what he wants us to believe.

Taking to the Internet, David posted a message to his Twitter which reads, “Happy Birthday, Gillian. If you see Dana, tell her Fox says she might wanna polish up the ol' badge soon-ish. Love, D.” And, now, fans are rightly freaking out over the fairly cryptic tweet.

The news comes on the heels of FOX’s recent update on the franchise. During the Television Critics Association press tour, FOX President David Madden teased fans of X-Files’ return. “We would obviously love to do another season,” he said. “There are significant talks going on with all three of the principals [Chris Carter, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson]. Schedules are hard, but we are working hard to get this done, and we would love to get another season out soon.”

Some fans, though, may not be all that eager for a continuation following the recent X-Files revival. The franchise returned last year in a 6-episode miniseries that received some very mixed reviews despite its popularity. However, the folks at FOX aren’t all too concerned with the series’ naysayers.

Madden said, “I actually think that the six episodes were strong....Everybody reads what they read, but if we have the opportunity to do more episodes, we will take our cue from Chris and his team. I think that there was some very strong work throughout the season, and we look forward to more.”

The X-Files, which first aired from 1993-2002, has gained a massive cult following since its debut. Standing as one of the longest running sci-fi series of all-time, fans seem to be on Duchovny’s side as they eagerly await confirmation on what could become brand-new X-Files episodes.