10 Best Andrew Lincoln Performances On 'The Walking Dead'

Andrew Lincoln, known better to The Walking Dead fans as Rick Grimes, turns 44 years old today! And what do you get for the guy who’s given us so many amazing performances over the past seven years as the post-apocalyptic former sheriff?
Short of an Emmy (which Andrew Lincoln still hasn’t won for some unholy reason), ComicBook.com decided to count down some of our favorite Rick Grimes moments from the show with the 10 Best Andrew Lincoln Performances on The Walking Dead!

And with seven (soon to be eight!) seasons to choose from, there were plenty of performances to single out and give their just due, like our No. 4 spot on the list, when Rick and Shane Walsh’s personal feud finally comes to a head in the penultimate episode of the second season.

The animosity between the former best friends had been brewing since the very first episode of the series where it was revealed that Shane had been sleeping with Rick’s wife, Lori, while Rick was in a coma. The build-up between the two had been a long time coming, and the performances from both Andrew Lincoln and Jon Bernthal did not disappoint, especially as Rick Grimes broke down while he was forced to stab Shane to death in a him-or-me situation. When you throw Carl in the mix and the audience watches him choose to help his father by shooting reanimated Shane in the head, it adds an extra layer to the entire situation. It’s a tough moment to watch, but one that fans recognize was ultimately inevitable as the conclusion to their deeply personal feud.

What has been your favorite Andrew Lincoln performance on The Walking Dead? Watch the video at the top of the article to find out if it landed on the list and make sure you head over to twitter and wish Andrew Lincoln a happy, happy birthday!