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Stan Lee Reassures Fans About His Health Following Appearance Cancelations

Megan Peters


Over the last month, fans of Stan Lee have been keeping a close eye on the comics icon. The legendary writer has become a grandfatherly figure to fandoms everywhere, and well-wishes poured in when Lee made the difficult choice to cancel two convention appearances in March over health issues. Many fans hopes the spry writer would get plenty of rest and come back swinging harder than Captain America - and that is just what the icon is doing.

Taking to Facebook, Lee gave fans a much-wanted updated about his condition, and the Internet is celebrating in kind. “Been feeling almost back up to snuff,” Lee wrote. “So time to send out the battle cry: EXCELSIOR!”

Excelsior, indeed!

Over the past year, Lee has made a conscious effort to slow his convention circuit time and enjoy his legacy from a distance. At 94-years-old, the man is a bonafide pop culture symbol of all things comics thanks to his work with Marvel. There is a lot for Lee to celebrate, and the creator has gotten the chance to honor his legacy with scores of fans this year already.

Most recently, Lee canceled an appearance at Salt Lake Comic Con where he was scheduled to sign autographs for fans. Prior to that, the writer missed out on Big Apple Comic Con due to the same health issue. But, just as fans had hoped, Lee was able to kick the cold and webbed it away.

Currently, Lee is slated to appear at a slew of conventions in 2017. Fans will be glad to see the bespectacled writer up-close for more Q&As and panels.

Of course, industry professionals and creators are happy to see Lee is doing alright - but none may be more pleased than Todd McFarlane. After all, the comics creator has big plans for Lee when it comes to his impending live-action take on Spawn. The series is set to be turned into an ultra-violent R-rated feature, and McFarlane has already written a cameo in for Lee; After all, the elder is a pro when it comes to those screen blips.

Both McFarlane and Lee took to Emerald City Comic Con this month for a joint panel. It was there McFarlane talked about his live-action vision for Spawn, and he told fans that he really wanted Lee to do a cameo. In fact, McFarlane has already planned one out for the legend.

“Stan Lee is in this building, and it’s a rundown building, and you kick open the door, you catch him by surprise, and he’s dressed in a wife-beater shirt,” McFarlane said, explaining his vision for Lee’s cameo. “He hasn’t shaved for four days. He’s got a beer in one hand, and he’s got a big stogie in the other hand.”

All the best, Stan! We’re glad you are feeling better; The Avengers still got your back.

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