X-Force Hires Drew Goddard As Director And Writer

Megan Peters


It looks like 20th Century Fox is moving ahead with its plans for an X-Force film. According to a new report by Deadline, Drew Goddard has been brought on to write and direct the mutant-centric film.

According to reports, X-Force is expected to revolve heavily around Deadpool and Cable. The pair will lead a team of Black Ops filled with “down and dirty mutant warriors” who are way more brutal than their X-Men counterparts.

Goddard will write the script for X-Force and direct the film. Ryan Reynolds, Lauren Shuler Donner, and Simon Kinberg will produce the feature. Deadlines reports Goddard has already started working on the X-Force script and will roll into pre-production on the film once he is done with Bad Times at the El Royale.

If you are not familiar with Goddard’s name, then you are likely in-tune with some of his work. The director has been rumored for the X-Force gig for some time. The creator helped launched Netflix’s highly successful Daredevil series and penned the script for The Martian. Goddard was meant to direct the sci-fi feature, but he stepped aside for Ridley Scott to take over the project when another opportunity came knocking. Goddard penned a script for a Spider-Man spinoff about the Sinister Six, but the project was ultimately canned after Marvel Studios sealed a deal to bring Peter Parker to the MCU.

Now, Goddard has found his very own franchise to call home.

Deadpool 2 will set up much of X-Force, so fans are already anticipating the sequel. In the past, Kinberg has opened up about how the two films will intersect, and the producer only made fans more hyped for the duo.

Deadpool 2 is going into production this year,” Kinberg said. “Then X Force which is a combination of Deadpool, and Cable – they’re like the Black ops of the X-Men. They’re much darker and have an R-rated decibel.”

Continuing, the producer teased, “When there are films that want to be raunchier, want to be darker, want to be violent or R-rated, [Fox will] be open to it. If we were to make an X-Force movie, that probably should be R-rated.”

Deadpool 2 opens in theaters on June 1, 2018. Give the original film your own rating below!

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