The Putties Crash The Party In 'Go Go Power Rangers' #7 Preview

Matthew Mueller


The Power Rangers would love more than anything to just go to a dance once in a while, but Rita is doing her best to squash those dreams.

In the new preview of Go Go Power Rangers #7, the Rangers are doing their best to save the world while attempting to have some sort of social life. That includes the annual homecoming dance, something the Rangers would love to attend without worrying about Rita destroying the world.

Unfortunately, from the looks of the latest cover, it seems that's not going to happen, as the Rangers brace for combat by a slew of Rita's Putty army. It's probably not much of a consolation, but at least they look amazing while fighting right? Hopefully, for Zack, he can get through the fight without ruining that slick white suit.

The new issue launches with several covers, and this month's focus is regular instigator Skull. Skull gets his own closeup portrait as well as a vintage movie poster that finally gives him his dream date with Kimberly Hart. The cutout hero poster features his superhero alter ego Super Skull, Boy Wonderful.

Skull is also featured in a new Locker variant, which shows his spiked collar, his camera (typically used for Bulk and Skull's school projects), his Geometry book, and his classical music theory book. Longtime fans know that this is a nod to Skull actually being quite skilled in classical piano. Fans saw this in action during Power Rangers Zeo, where he plays Chopin's Revolutionary Etude.

You can view all of the covers in the gallery, and the synopsis is included below.

"It’s homecoming at Angel Grove! But as tensions run high amongst the Rangers, will they be able to band together to stop Rita and make it to the dance on time?"

Fans can pick up Go Go Power Rangers #7 in comic shops in February 2018, but you don't have to wait that long for a new issue. Go Go Power Rangers #5 hits stores this month, and you can check out a preview of the issue here.

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