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The 2017 Golden Issue Award for Best TV Villain

Brandon Davis


As 2017 draws to a close, it’s time to reflect on a year filled with great entertainment and recall what stood out and what will stay with us. To that end, the team came together to nominate our favorite creators and creations in the worlds of comics, television, movies, and anime, then voted on five finalists in every category. The results are in and they reflect some outstanding talent and a truly great year for pop culture.

A hero's story can only be as good as the villain which matches. In 2017, villain's dominated television, often elevating or carrying the tales being told -- with one standing above the rest.

Shows like Legion, Gotham, Preacher, The Walking Dead, and The Punisher were driven by their baddies in 2017. Comic book characters came to life as Frank Castle was forced to face personal foes. X-Men characters were pitted against manipulative enemies. Infamous villains continued their reigns in Gotham City and Herr Starr used a conning intellect to rise up on AMC. But only one could win.

The winner of Best TV Villain is...

Negan as portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan on The Walking Dead!

Negan reigned supreme on The Walking Dead. In 2016, the villain made his mark by killing Abraham, Glenn, Spencer, Olivia, and others. Through 2017, though, the villain retained control of Rick Grimes and his Alexandria community, even where it looked like he would finally be toppled late in the year.

The villain earned the 2017 Golden Issue Award for his entertaining, colorful, unpredictable language among several other fun-to-watch and terrifying attributes.

List of Nominees:

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