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Infinity War Fan Trailer Is The Power Rangers Ninja Steel Avengers Team-Up You Didn't Know You Wanted

Matthew Mueller


The Avengers are going to need all the help they can get against Thanos, but who would've guessed that help would be the Power Rangers?

That's the premise of a new mash-up trailer by Shuriken Knight, who paired the already epic Avengers: Infinity War trailer with footage from Power Ranger Ninja Steel. The result is a team-up that you never knew you wanted, and it helps that the big purple world conqueror Thanos actually looks like someone the Rangers would fight.

It also helps that Ninja Steel contains plenty of explosions and that Thor scene at the end perfectly sets up the crew's first meeting. The only thing missing was a Mick Bruce Banner meetup, but you've got to save something for the actual movie right?

Speaking of what-if scenarios, you know you want a Megazord Hulkbuster Armor Iron Man team-up scene. If you didn't before, you do now.

You can view the full video in the clip above. You can also find more of Shuriken Knight's work on YouTube.

To be honest, it's probably a good thing Infinity War doesn't feature the Power Rangers. The movie is already cramming in every other hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and adding five 6 more characters to that mix would probably be overkill.

Avengers: Infinity War currently enjoys a 4.39 out of 5 on's anticipation rankings, which you can vote in here. As for Power Ranges Ninja Steel, the show holds a 68 on's composite rankings, and you can put your vote in here.

Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters on May 4, 2018. Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel hits next year as well.

Power Rangers: Ninja SteelSaturday at 9 am on Nickelodeon

Power Rangers: Ninja SteelSaturday at 9 am on Nickelodeon

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