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This Deleted 'IT' Scene Shows More Character Deaths

Patrick Cavanaugh


Trying to fit Stephen King's entire 1,100-page IT into one film was a task too daunting to surmount, resulting in director Andy Muschietti deciding to fracture the storyline into two parts. Even within one feature film, not everything the filmmaker shot made it to the final cut, much like the scene below in which Henry Bowers stalks the Losers' Club with his friends' dead bodies in his car. The below deleted scene will appear on the home video release of the film, hitting shelves on January 9.

In the theatrical cut of the film, Henry Bowers (Nicholas Hamilton) is pushed to the point of derangement following the torment of the presence that lurks Derry, Maine, causing him to murder his father. The scene above shows that his murder spree doesn't end there, going on to even kill his friends before stalking the Losers' Club.

While the film's Blu-ray hasn't officially been released domestically, it hit shelves in Australia weeks ago, leading one user on the forum to release the details of what each deleted scene contains.

Check out what bonus content you'll find on the disc below:

The user also described what to expect of all the special features:

For those willing to wait, Muschietti also confirmed that an extended Director's Cut of the film will be on its way, potentially re-editing the above deleted scenes back into the film.

Grab your copy of IT on January 9.

[H/T YouTube, Kameron Gaming]

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