What You Need To Know For Blue Exorcist Season 2

Blue Exorcist's first season was released six (long) years ago, and fans have been waiting patiently for the second to arrive - and it's almost here.

According to a recently released trailer, Season 2 will tell the ‘Kyoto Saga’ storyline from the manga.

If you aren’t familiar with Blue Exorcist or can’t find the time to watch the first season, don’t worry! We here at ComicBook.com can catch you up with what you need to know!

To start, Blue Exorcist’s world consists of two dimensions joined into one. One of the dimensions is where the humans live and is called Assiah. The other is the world of demons and referred to as Gehenna. Demons have the ability to travel into Assiah by possessing anything which currently exists in it. However, Satan cannot find any hosts that are powerful enough to hold him. To work around the problem, Satan created a son named Rin Okumura in order to turn him into a vessel that can bring him into the human world.

The story follows Rin who has a normal life until it's suddenly flipped upside down when he finds out he is the son of Satan. Not wanting to become a pawn, Rin decides he wants to rebel against the devil instead of joining his father in the conquering of Assiah. To do so, Rin starts training and goes to the True Cross Academy. He trains to become an exorcist so he can fight to defend the world against his Satan alongside with his twin brother Yukio.

Exorcists in Assiah have a class system, and in order to become an exorcist, they must obtain the title of Meister. In order to receive the title, they must climb the ranks beginning as a Page. A Page starts by learning the arts of exorcism, such as demon studies, magic circles, and holy scripture recitations. Once you rise through the rank of paige and pass an exam, they can earn the title of Exwire. Exwires are essentially glorified interns that do all the busy work for the Exorcists. Next, trainees can become a full-fledged Exorcist starting at Lower Second Class and then a Paladin.

The beginning of the season essentially sees Rin finding out he is Satan’s son and vowing to become an Exorcist. He then begins his journey and trains at True Cross Academy. The anime then follows the hijinks of Rin as he follows under his brother’s shadow. Rin makes plenty of friends at the school, and the story trails off following their small side stories as most shonen do. Things get shaken up when Rin goes berserk in a battle and cannot control his demonic power. Rin is put on trial because of his chaotic outburst, but a Paladin Exorcist named Mephisto saves him by proclaiming that Rin is the ultimate weapon for countering Satan. Rin is then forced to train and master the power of his demonic flames.

The final story arch of the seasons begins with the twins’ grandfather Ernst opening a gate to Gehenna by using Rin’s blood. The opening starts a giant war where the Exorcists try to kill the demons for good. Hordes of demons flow out of the gate, and Satan even transforms into a gigantic Gehenna Gate and plans to absorb the human world. Rin and Yukio unlock their powerful demon powers in order to charge through the gate and ultimately destroy it. They are successful and save the human race. The show then skips to one month later as the brothers visit their mother's grave and return to their lives as Exorcists.