Dragon Ball Z's Frieza Cheerleads For Japanese Marathoners

American’s have some unusually holiday traditions, such as: leaving milk and cookies out for a fat man that spys on you year round, a day for pranks, and leaving old teeth under our pillows.

But there is an annual tradition in Japan that may surprise you, and it involves a group of dancing Frieza’s. Thats right: Frieza, the well-known super villain from Dragon Ball Z, dancing to encourage racers.

During Japan's New Year, many people watch and participate at the Hakone Ekiden Relay race which takes place on January 2nd and 3rd. The race consists of runners representing universities in a 67-mile run that goes from Tokyo into the mountains of the Kanagewa Prefecture. The race has a large television following each year, and not only because of the amazing display of athleticism; Each year people look forward to seeing what the mysterious group of Friezas are up to.

Since 2013, the Frieza gang has loyally come to cheer on the race. This year, the group performed a choreographed dance, which appeared to be the viral “Koi Dance”. The video shows the crew dancing on the side of the mountain in unison with multiple versions of the famous character Frieza.

For those unfamiliar with the character, Frieza is a ruthless villain and essentially the antagonist of the entire Dragon Ball Z franchise. He is known for his brutal beating of many main characters, but ultimately getting killed by Super Saiyan Goku.