Famous Gundam Suit Statue Is Officially Leaving Tokyo

Tokyo, known for things such as anime, ramen, and giant mechs from the legendary series Gundam.

For the last couple of year there has been a 60-foot tall statue of the classic anime mecha Gundam that has stood watch in the Odaiba district of Tokyo. The statue is the exact height as the anime figure it is based off of, and is a landmark in Tokyo, attracting tourists and locals like to come take picture and bask in its glory. But in two months, the landmark will be gone.

Bandai Namco Holdings, the company that holds the rights to the giant Gundam, announced: “March 5, 2017, is the last day the full size Gundam will be on display in its currently location in front of the Diver City Entertainment Complex.”

How is it possible that this statue that has become known and loved by Japan is going to disappear without a trace? Well, not only is Diver City losing its giant mech, but also the Gundam Front Tokyo, which is the Gundam themed amusement park/ museum that is inside the mall, will be closing its doors on April 5th as well.

The four-year-old statue that seemed like a permanent fixture in Tokyo’s landscape, will soon be no more.

However, not all hope is lost for Gundam fans, as there are some possible future developments when it comes to real life mechs. According to Sunrise, the animation studio behind anything that has to do with Gundam, they will be attempting to build a moveable version of the full scale statue. They set a 2019 deadline to have a moving life size model of our favorite giant robot. There are also rumors that the robot will be getting placed in a new location, or possibly they are making revisions to it before the 2020 Olympics which are set to take place in Japan.

Regardless, fans have one last chance to make a pilgrimage to the Odaiba district and take a picture with the giant Gundam before March 5, 2017.