Steins;Gate Film Debuts English Dub Trailer

The long awaited English Dub of Steins;Gate - The Movie - Lord Region of Deja Vu finally has an english-dubbed trailer. Funimation began streaming the trailer on Monday, and the site lists the movie as having a March 28 release date for the Blue-ray and DVD combo pack.

The new film brings back the staff that created the original television series, but the movie has a brand new story that is starts after the end of the series. American Fans of Steins;Gate have been waiting patiently since Funimation licensed the film back in 2014, and now it finally has a release date and english trailer.

The movie originally opened in Japan 2013, and received high praise as a great ending to the original series. The first series follows Rintarou Okabe, the mad scientist, as he invites gadgets and creates a contraption that can alter the flow of time. Together with his lab members they use their new founded knowledge of time travel to stop evil. The series received praise for having loveable characters, creative writing, and an awesome story. It only had one season with 25 episodes, and left the audience wanting more.

Steins; Gate- The Movie, the story takes place after the original story line. Funimation’s description of the movie is as follows: “A year has passed since Okabe reached the Steins Gate world-line when Kurisu visits her friends at the Future Gadget Lab. But something’s not quite right—strong emotions blur the world-lines and trigger déjà vu. Before she knows it, Okabe disappears. Hoping to save the mad scientist who tried countless times to save her, Kurisu must make a decision—risk everything, or live in a world without Okabe.”

Steins;Gate officially releases on March 28, 2017 but is currently available to preorder on Funimation here