Fullmetal Alchemist Movie Teases Fans With A Heart-Wrenching Still

If you haven’t already guessed, the live-action take on Fullmetal Alchemist is slated to make fans feel a lot of things. The movie is set to hit theaters in December for folks in Japan, but Warner Bros. Japan is making sure fans from around the world are ready for the kind of angst it will bring. The official Twitter for the Fullmetal Alchemist movie gave fans a new behind-the-scenes photo to their initial delight, but the gift has now led to plenty of tears.

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Taking to social media, the team behind Fullmetal Alchemist shared an innocent photo of a rustic desk - but the picture is not a happy one. The image is of Shou Tucker’s desk, and anime fans will be very familiar with the name. Tucker is one of the first antagonists shown in Fullmetal Alchemist, and his wicked thoughts lead him to commit one of the most unnerving acts ever scene in anime.

Even the photo’s caption gives fans a hint about the character and his unsavory deeds. “As a State Alchemist, what kind of research is he immersed in?” the description asks. “Please be careful!”

However, it’s not Tucker that has got fans feeling weepy; No, it is one of the objects shown on the character’s desk. In the photo, fans can see two things which will strike them with incurable sadness. First, there is a soft teddy bear seen sitting on the desk which has a red plaid ribbon tied about its neck. Then, just in front of the toy, a black leather dog collar can be seen. Fullmetal Alchemist fans will immediately recognize the items, relating them back to Nina and Alexander Tucker.

In the series, Shou Tucker lives along with his young daughter Nina and dog Alexander after his wife allegedly leaves the family. However, a dark secret is eventually discovered, and it comes at the cost of Nina and her beloved dog. It turns out that Shou actually killed his wife when he used human alchemy to merge her with an animal, creating a talking chimera which first got his him alchemist certification. Determined to recreate the event, Shou uses alchemy to fuse his daughter with Alexander, leaving the duo to live in unbearable agony before they are put down by the state.

If you are not familiar with Fullmetal Alchemist, then you have plenty of time to watch the anime before its live-action film arrives. The series follows brothers Edward and Alphonse after their mother tragically passes. They attempt to use alchemy to resurrect her, but the attempt takes Edward’s arm and leg - and it takes Alphonse’s entire body. Determined to get their bodies restored, Edward and Alphonse try to become State Alchemists so they can find the location of a powerful item known as the Philosopher’s Stone. But their journey ultimately leads them into a seedy world of government corruption and mass genocide.

This year, fans of the shonen series will be able to see more of the Elric Brothers than they have for some time. In December, Warner Bros. Japan will release the first live-action adaptation of Fullmetal Alchemistt.

Fullmetal Alchemist will debut in Japan on December 1.