Collecting Dragon Balls Was Easier Than I Expected With This Replica Set

I prepared myself for a dangerous quest when I set out to collect all seven Dragon Balls. I thought that my odds of survival were slim, but knowing that my wish would be granted by Shenron made it worth the risk. Amazingly, I discovered that you can buy the entire set on ThinkGeek. The Dragon Balls even came in a fancy display box, which was a nice touch - though, at first glance, they kind of looked like a pizza in that box. Or maybe a box of oranges. At any rate, it made me hungry.

jtjk dragon ball set
(Photo: ThinkGeek)

For some reason, when it came time to choose my wish, I froze. In the moment, the only thing I could think of was to ask Shenron for a refund without returning the balls. I was devastated. It was the stupidest thing I’ve ever done.

From ThinkGeek:

For something that can fit in the palm of your hand, these lil' Dragon Balls sure did create a whole mess of trouble. It seems like every person had a wish that needed to be granted. We're simple monkeys over here at ThinkGeek headquarters. We just want more pizza. End of wish.

Pick up a few replicas of the Dragon Balls from one of your favorite anime. Display them proudly and let everyone think you risked life and limb just to collect them, when all you really did was buy them online. Shh, no one has to know the truth. Please do not try and wish back Krillin and Yamcha, k?

The product specs include:

  • Dragon Ball Z 7pc Dragon Ball Set

  • Officially-licensed Dragon Ball merchandise

  • A ThinkGeek exclusive

  • Display your love of the Dragon Ball series with these replicas

  • Materials: Acrylic

  • Dimensions: 2" diameter

  • Weight: 4 oz.

  • Ages 15+

Head on over to ThinkGeek to grab your set. Just make sure to think about your wish beforehand.

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