Playboy Model Becomes Luffy In Sexy One Piece Cosplay

If you want to know the difference between Playboy in Japan and the U.S., it all comes down to the magazine’s otaku heritage. Earlier this week, a brand-new issue of Weekly Playboy hit shelves over in Japan, and its cover features a lovely model rocking a barely-there take on Luffy’s iconic look.

As you can see below, the magazine brought in actress and model Fumika Baba to cosplay as a gender-bent Luffy from One Piece. The slender model can be seen wearing a plunging red bikini top and low-riding shorts which are unzipped. Baba can also be seen donning Luffy’s famous straw hat, and an animated figure of the pirate is shown peeking over the model’s outstretched arm.

The photoshoot was a special one, so fans shouldn’t expect Playboy to have a One Piece-themed cover every week. The cover was done to honor the 20th anniversary of Eiichiro Oda’s classic shonen series. The manga got its start back in 1997 when Baba was just 2-years-old, so the model grew up with the series.

Baba may make cosplaying Luffy look easy, but the model admitted it was difficult to get the shot right. She told Playboy the photoshoot was “more difficult than usual” since she had to get into a boy’s state-of-mind. However, after some trial and error, the crew was able to pull it off.

playboy one piece playboyonepiece01
(Photo: Playboy )

If you want to try out your own One Piece shoot, you can try out some of the series’ official lingerie. Peach John announced last year it would be making an underwear line for the anime. Bikinis based on Nami and Robin were put up for sale as well as a bra set for Hancock. The pieces do cost a pretty penny, but they will get anyone feeling like they could become the King (or Queen) of the Pirates in no time.