This DC & 'My Hero Academia' Crossover Is Too Perfect

In the world of anime, there are few franchises blowing up like My Hero Academia. The show is being heralded as the next successor of shonen, and the creator of Naruto has even tipped his hat to Izuku Midoriya. Now, one piece of fan-art has put My Hero Academia in the spotlight which DC Comics is used to, and the crossover is too good for words.

Over on Twitter, a piece of stunning fan-art began buzzing around the anime fandom thanks to its spot-on aesthetic. The sketch, which can be seen below, looks like it belongs in the portfolio of Kohei Horikoshi who created the story. Also, Bakugo became Harley Quinn - how can you not support it?

In the sketch, three of My Hero Academia’s top heroes are seen embracing their darker side. Izuku Midoriya, Shoto Todoroki, and Bakugo Katsuki are given a villain makeover courtesy of DC Comics and its iconic baddies.

As mentioned, Bakugo is turned into the temperamental Harley Quinn. The explosive hero can be seen with died hair, painted nails, and a decorate bat. Bakugo’s tongue is sticking out just above his choker necklace, and his middle finger is flying as usual.

As for Shoto, the hero gets to take on the role of Two Face. The character’s facial scar is played up to make the icy-hot hero more terrifying, and Shoto can be seen flipping a coin with a rather tense look.

While Bakugo and Izuku look on-point, Izuku simply makes the piece. The hero’s green hair suits the Joker just fine, and Izuku has a permanent smile thanks to the villain’s smeared lipstick. The hero can be seen wearing the Joker’s iconic purple-and-green suit, and the playing card caught in-between his fingers looks deadlier than any sort of knife.

If Horikoshi ever decides to write an AU spin-off where this trio goes bad, then the artist may want to hit up this fan. The fan-art perfectly capture each element of the My Hero Academia leads and twists them until they turn just a bit sour. So, here’s to hoping the artist will pen a few sketches of how Ochaco and Kirishima would look like as baddies too.

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