One ‘Boruto’ Baddie Just Declared War Against The Leaf

Warning! Spoilers for Boruto’s 28th episode lie below!

If you thought Boruto: Naruto Next Generations would lets on-going arc go slow, then you better think again. The ‘Mist Village’ storyline may be a filler one, but it just ramped up its stakes this week when Shizuma Hoshigaki announced he wanted to his home to wage war against the Leaf Village.

During Boruto’s most recent episode, fans watched as Naruto’s son and his guide Kagura were confronted by Shizuma. The latter made a bold declaration to the pair as he said his decision to antagonize Boruto didn’t need any oversight from Mist’s leader.

“Fairly soon, we won’t have to take orders from the current Mizukage. The time has come for a war to reclaim our dignity,” Shizuma said before batting away Boruto’s accusation of him having gone mad.

“My eyes are wide open and I’m perfectly sane,” the Mist ninja said. “We kill the Hokage’s son and then declare war.”

Boruto and Kagura seemed more than stunned by the declaration, which is no surprise. After all, the ninja villages have been in a tentative era of peace ever since the Fourth Great Ninja War came to a close. Mist’s current kage has a friendly relationship with Naruto and the Leaf Village, but Shizuma says things haven’t really changed below the surface.

In fact, Shizuma goes so far as to tell Kagura Chojuro has been secretly ordering assassins to kill any dissenters who object his rule of the Mist. When the boy then gathers his newly formed Swordsmen of the Mist, Shizuma tells Boruto and Kagura just what his hopes are.

“If the son of the Hokage were to be killed in Mist Village, it would be cause enough to not only sink the peace treaty but for war to erupt,” he explains.

However, Boruto is able to keep his life even though he’s beaten by the Mist ninjas. When Shizuma asks Kagura to join his group, the boy agrees in resignation on the condition Boruto is allowed to escape. The term doesn’t sit well with the hero, but Boruto finds he is too injured to go after Kagura when he turns to follow Shizuma, but it is only a matter of time until Naruto’s son finds a way to win his friend back.

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