Dark Knight Rises Rumors About WonderCon And Comic-Con Circulate

WonderCon Dark Knight Rises

There hasn’t been a lot of official Dark Knight Rises news lately, but that hasn’t stopped the rumors from circulating. First, there was talk of new footage at the Russian Movie Expo, but the latest reports are unclear of it was new footage or just the same footage that was previously shown in the United States.

Then, there was a rumor that fans might get treated to some Dark Knight Rises preview footage after the Superman vs. The Elite premiere at WonderCon, but it turned out to really be preview footage of the animated Dark Knight Returns. According to The Hollywood Reporter, there does appear to have been a real screening of The Dark Knight Rises on Friday by Christopher Nolan for Warner Bros. executives.

Of course with Christopher Nolan and possible some stars from the film reportedly on the Warner Bros. lot to screen the film for executives, it’s easy to see why a rumor that they might pop-in at the nearby WonderCon for a surprise visit could develop. Even though the Superman vs. The Elite premiere turned out to be a false alarm, there are plenty of other DC Entertainment panels scheduled for Saturday and Sunday at WonderCon that could easily host a surprise Dark Knight Rises panel discussion and preview footage.

Whether Nolan and crew will actually screen footage at WonderCon is anyone’s guess, but since nothing has been officially announced, it will definitely be a surprise if they do. There will however at least be one actor from The Dark Knight Rises on-hand at WonderCon. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is scheduled to take part in a panel, but it’s on behalf of Sony Pictures to promote Looper.

And even though it’s WonderCon going on this weekend, there is already speculation that there might be a Dark Knight Rises panel at Comic-Con. In the same report about the advance screening, the Hollywood Reporter notes that Nolan has never been to Comic-Con, but this is the first year where Nolan actually has a Batman movie opening after Comic-Con.